Update on IOS 8 - Relock IPhone?

Update on IOS 8 - Relock IPhone?

IOS 8 or why my iPhone can be relock after unlock? 

This information applies to all customers who have ordered - Worldwide, Sprint, Softbank, T-Mobile unlock (have yet few network, where can be relock) and your imei in blacklist.

Because of errors in Lock/Unlock server databases iTunes for iOS 8.x - some unlocked iPhone again locked to the operator during upgrade and activate via iTunes (USB) on iOS 8.x
To avoid this, we strongly recommend you to activate the iPhone (to complete the unlock process) only on Wi-Fi !
Before ordering the unlock first of all update your iPhone to the current iOS 8.x Wi-Fi and after that make an order for the unlock.
If you have already ordered a unlock iPhone under iOS 7.x (or below) and received a notice about the readiness of order (Unlocked), to complete the unlock process, be SURE to activate the iPhone it is on Wi-Fi (NOT through iTunes)!
Instructions for completing the unlock process:
- install non-native (not operator lock) SIM card
- connect iPhone to wifi (NOT iTunes)
- reject a request to update iOS
- wait for the message on the display about successfully unlocked your device

After completing the unlock process - please refrain from updating your iPhone.

This error Unlock bases iOS 8 and iTunes concerns not all iPhone (IMEI).
Please do not ignore this warning and follow the instructions above.


If you fail to observe the above recommendations and instructions,

we are not responsible for no unlock or re-lock the iPhone.

Refunds in such cases, impossible.

  • 05.08.2021

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