Unlocking the iPhone from the operator

Unlocking the iPhone from the operator

Phone lock reasons

IPhone, which was bought abroad, in some cases linked to a foreign operator. As a rule, these phones are cheaper in price and have a contract for a certain period. Therefore, when trying to activate a gadget in Russia, you will encounter an error.

To resume full operation of the device, you need to go through the official iPhone unlocking procedure .

Unlocking, or Unlock iPhone , refers to the procedure for officially transferring a smartphone from the “ Locked ” state to the “Unlocked” state ( “ Unlocked ”) . Or, in other words, the procedure otvyazki phone and from a foreign service provider. After this operation, you can freely use the iPhone anywhere in the world.

The nuances of the "unlocking iPhone " procedure

You can unlock the phone yourself and remotely by IMEI or with the help of specialists. Unlock company . company is an international team of professionals who will help with solving such problems quickly and efficiently!

It should be noted that this procedure is :

  • secure - all steps for the official iPhone unlock service are made by Unlock specialists . company and are consistent with the service of the cellular operators;
  • legal - this operation is performed at the Apple server level through an operator without being embedded in the system software .

If you have any questions, you can always contact us at a convenient time for you: our service works 24/7 - around the clock and seven days a week. Contact us by mail support@unlock.company or by phone: Viber : +7 (978) 213-34-54 ; Telegram : +7 (978) 213-34-54 ; WhatsApp : +7 (978) 213-34-54 .

  • 20.01.2021

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