ITools - what is it? How it made?

ITools - what is it? How it made?

The article is being revised. ITools is the best analogue iTunes to manage and sync with iPhone and iPad. If you are not satisfied with the new interface, version 11 although, feel free to download this program and install to your computer. Thanks to this project, the Korean developers dealing with the phone will be much more pleasant than the official product from Apple. Download ITools in the end of the article.

The program ITools is very easy to use and has many advantages.

IMPORTANT! In any case, when using the program ITools, you must be running ITunes, but to sync with it is not necessary.

Most of these pluses and chips let's hope we list in this article.

1. Cutting ringtones.

     To put ringtone on IPhone very easy task. In this case you will help this article.

2. Adding and download music from IPhone, IPad and IPod.

      Many firmly believe and think they add music to IPhone, IPad and IPod long and uncomfortable occupation, and download music from the IPhone, IPad and IPod impossible ( and if possible, using only Jailbreake or by common burglary ) , but it is not so!
In this article I will tell you how to do everything quickly and easily without hacking the phone.

  • 05.08.2021

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