iPhone activation lock - how to remove it

iPhone activation lock - how to remove it

The problem that you may encounter after updating the iOS system , flashing or restoring your phone may be related to the built-in protection system from Apple - " Activation lock " or " Activation lock ".

What is the essence of this protective function?

At the time of the initial personalization of your iPhone , personal information is entered to create an  Apple ID and password, as well as an iCloud account . When you enable the option "Find the iPhone " feature is automatically switched "activation lock" or " Activation lock ". This allows you to store personal information on reliable servers of the company , linking it specifically to your device. Therefore, if the phone is lost or stolen, then after resetting the gadget system to factory settings, the iPhone will be locked and will request Apple data ID and password to activate it.

How to enable the "Find iPhone " option

To activate this useful feature, follow these steps:

  • go to the "Settings" device
  • in the Select section « the iCloud »
  • enter your Apple ID and password
  • Find Apple ID Find My iPhone below and activate it

It is worth noting that if you buy a "non-new" phone, then check with the owner whether he turned off the function in question before resetting the iPhone to factory settings.

Unlock iPhone from Apple ID

The reasons for locking your phone can vary. For example, you changed the password for your account, could not remember and recover it. Or the phone is in “ Activation lock ” mode . Do not despair, there is a solution to this problem! It is enough to choose a suitable option for yourself from two:

  • The first is to regain access through Apple Support . Note that this method will require proof of PTS, etc. Phone accessories for you
  • The second is to contact the Unlock specialists . company for help in unlocking your iPhone 

Important! If using the first method to solve the problem, for example, due to an incorrectly submitted application, then the chance to unlock the phone is reduced to 20 percent. Therefore, if you are not confident in your abilities, we recommend using the second method.

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  • 26.01.2021

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