IMEI check

IMEI check

How to find out the operator and SIM Lock status using IMEI: iPhone check

Buying a phone is an expensive pleasure. Therefore, a person prepares for such an event in advance: he selects a phone model, an operator, reads reviews about the work of the gadget, and more. When buying an iPhone/iPad , we also recommend checking the status of the SIM operator : “ lock iphone ” is locked or “ unlock iphone ” is unlocked.

How to check SIM Lock status

Checking by imei allows you to find out the status of the SIM operator . " Lock - status " means that this gadget cannot connect to any network, but only to a specific operator that is tied to the phone.

To check IMEI , you need to know the individual combination of numbers. To do this, dial the command *#06# on the phone keypad.

You can check the status of "Sim Lock " on the I-unlocker server.

It doesn't take much time - maximum 10 minutes:

  • enter the IMEI number of your device
  • get your phone report

To remove restrictions from your phone , if any, you will need to unlock your iPhone . This can be done with the help of service center specialists, by contacting them personally or by ordering a service on the website.

 What else can you find out using IMEI

IMEI is the International Mobile Equipment Identity.

With it, you can find out a lot of additional information about the device:

  • SIM Lock iPhone status
  • phone warranty period
  • general information about the device: model, memory size, software version, etc.
  • Find my iPhone status
  • and other

If the device is not activated (it is in the process of being activated on a white background), then you need a name or a serial number for verification. To find it, on the very first activation screen, where it says "Hello" in different languages ​​- you need to press the " i " button and you will see the IMEI number.

  • 28.05.2021

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