How to unlock a Xiaomi phone from a Mi-account

How to unlock a Xiaomi phone from a Mi-account

Technological progress gives us more and more opportunities: the more perfect the technique, the easier and more interesting it is to live. Phone manufacturers also keep pace with progress and, competing with each other, provide consumers with new models of gadgets, making their brand stand out with something special.

The company Xiaomi, unexpectedly bursting into the Russian market, quickly won the trust of buyers and became popular along with other well-known brands of phones. One of the features of a smartphone is the presence of a Mi-account.

We will talk about what it is, how and whether it is necessary to unblock a Mi-account in this article.

What is a Mi-account for?

Xiaomi company provides a full package of services only to those phone users who have a Mi - account.

If we draw an analogy with other smartphones, then this is a Gmail account or Apple ID , which allows you to perform any operations related to the purchase, use and distribution of data.

Here are some of the services that Xiaomi provides to registered users:

  • data synchronization with Mi-cloud, that is, storing personal data in the company's information cloud, thus saving space on your phone
  • purchase of goods and applications Mi- store
  • search for a lost phone
  • deleting phone data remotely
  • recovering deleted data from Mi-trash
  • fast data transfer from old phone to new one
  • participation in game Mi - festivals
  • use Mi - forum and others

About Mi-account security

The creation of a Xiaomi Mi account implies the safety of your data, and not using it or sending it to Chinese servers, as some think  . Only if you yourself want to share information with the company will it receive and view it. For example, there may be problems with your phone that you want to report to the error center. Or you want to become a member of the MIUI program - then the company will be able to use your data, but only in order to improve the service and develop the service sector.

In other cases, in particular the use of the information cloud Mi-cloud, the company accepts the data, but employees do not have access to it. Thus, it is safe to create and use a Xiaomi Mi account.

Mi-account unblocking methods

At the request of the user or for some other reason, Xiaomi may need to be unlocked.

This can be done in several ways:

  • using a SIM card
  • using third-party programs

As for the first method, in order to unblock a Mi - account, you must use the official x iaomi service: in the "Forgot password" item, enter the phone number from which the account was created and enter a new password. Next, you will need to enter a new password into the phone and the account will be unlocked.

The second method will require professional experience, specific knowledge and skills. Since the programs that are created to unlock Xiaomi, can provoke the emergence of unpredictable difficulties that prevent you from fully using your smartphone.

Unlock will help with solving this problem, where specialists will unlock Xiaomi from Mi - account, after which you will create a new Xiaomi Mi account and be able to use the gadget fully.

  • 21.12.2020

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