How to find MAC adresses

How to find MAC adresses

How to find Wi - Fi and Bluetooth adresses of iPhone or iPad and how to write this information to NAND MAC

Replacing NAND memory in a smartphone due to failure or in order to increase the amount of memory of the device can provoke an error. For example, after updating the iOS system to the new 11th version, you will not be able to activate the iPhone . The error pop-up will refer to recommendations to contact an activation service, connect iPhone to iTunes, or contact Apple support .
Don't worry, this is the norm under these circumstances. What happened? Loss of factory data of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth MAC address when replacing the NAND memory , resulting in the data of another device, another IMEI or S / N being written .

Why now?

Company Apple carefully monitors the safety of personal data of users from unwanted intrusion threats, so the updated system iOS 11 introduced innovations in this process. From now on, the Apple Activation Server checks the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth MAC address data for compliance with the factory settings.

Therefore, if the information on the addresses does not match when activating the 11th version of the system, then the server issues the above error.


What to do?

For iOS 11 activation to be successful, you need to get the factory Wi-Fi and Bluetooth MAC addresses assigned to a specific phone by IMEI or S / N at the production stage.

As a rule, the data on MAC address of the Wi-Fi from the MAC address Bluetooth differ only by one character: the last digit in a big way. But sometimes information about such data differs up to 6 characters.

To obtain plant data MAC addresses use service , bringing below:

  • 29.12.2020

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