How install VK for IPad

How install VK for IPad

At the moment everyone can download and install the app "Facebook for IPad.

To do this, use the following statement:

How download «VK» for iPad:

Step 1: Open the tablet this link.

Step 2: At the prompt, Please Enter The Password, enter "1".

Step 3: Click Install App and click Install.

Step 4: go Back to the home screen and wait for the installation application.

Step 5: Run "VKontakte". The message "Untrusted developer. You trust the iPhone developer Distribution to run programs on your iPad. Press Trust.

Step 6: Log into your account. The author of the Assembly notes that the application erases the old version of "Vkontakte". In the future there is the probability of blocking programs by employees of the social network. In addition, there is a threat to data security.



  • 09.08.2021

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