How can you unblock Apple ID account on iPhone

How can you unblock Apple ID account on iPhone

Protecting personal data is one of the most important tasks of Apple, which it does an excellent job. In this regard, a special tool has been developed that helps to ensure the security of stored information in gadgets, which is called Apple ID.

If the system notices suspicious activity and violations, then it can block the Apple ID forever.

There are several ways to unlock your phone, which you will learn about from this article.

Blocking reasons

First, let's take a look at the possible reasons for account lockout.

These can be the following cases:

  • you entered the wrong password more than 20 times, in this case the system will automatically lock the iPhone
  • if you actively use your account, then Apple can ask for answers to security questions specified during the iCloud registration as a check
  • you entered incorrect identification data
  • you change your profile information frequently
  • multiple change of payment cards and their use can also become a reason for blocking the smartphone
  • repeated demand from your side for a refund of money spent when purchasing applications in the AppStore

Situations like this could lead Apple to think that the device has been jailbroken and there is a chance of personal data leakage.

At the same time, the company notifies the client with a message about suspicious actions that are received by e-mail.

Pay attention on time and use the help of technical customer support and highly qualified services such as Unlock.Company.

There are two ways to unblock your Apple ID: by contacting technical support or by resetting your data via e-mail.

How to Unlock iPhone Using Email

To perform the "unlock apple id" option via e-mail, you must perform the following steps:

  • go to the "Settings" menu and select "iTunes Store and App Store"
  • log into your Apple ID account with your username and password
  • a window will appear on the screen informing about the blocking of Apple ID, you must click the "Unblock account" button
  • choose reset option number one
  • follow the link indicated in the letter that will be sent to your email
  • enter a new password that meets Apple's requirements
  • press the "Reset password" button

As a result, the account will be restored and you can continue to use the gadget as usual.

There are two ways to contact Apple customer support: call the hotline or make a request on the official website.

Helpful hints

Phone lock is a situation that can happen with every smartphone holder.

Therefore, use our recommendations to avoid this problem:

  • We advise you to use your account login and password only for Apple ID
  • create a password that is hard to crack and does not contain personal data familiar to your friends (the name of your favorite pet, etc.)
  • don't tell anyone about your password
  • use a good antivirus on your computer to avoid various threats

  • 27.11.2020

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