Best Ways to Unlock iPhone

Best Ways to Unlock iPhone

Phone Check, Tips & Step by Step Guide

Buying a phone - new or a supported one - involves checking the smartphone in all respects. One of which is iPhone lock . The further operation of the gadget depends on this state, therefore it is extremely important to check the status of the phone in time so as not to be upset after.

How to check, as well as how to unlock iPhone , we will tell in this article.

What does it mean iPhone is locked by the operator

As a rule, phones blocked by the operator are purchased under a contract and at a bargain price. The duration of such a transaction is two years, so if you want to terminate the contract, the user will have to cover the costs of the organization. Therefore, we recommend purchasing an iPhone without locking. Otherwise " unlock iphone " or , in other words, unlock the device. You will learn more about several unlocking methods in our article further in the text .

The importance of unlocking is that such a phone supports networks and GSM all over the world, which makes it easy to use in any country.

How to know if your iPhone is unlocked or not

To check the lock status of your smartphone, use one of the methods below.

The first way is to check the status through the settings

With this method, it is very easy and simple to find out about the status of your phone locked by the operator. Also, this method is effective, as it works with virtually with each version of the system iOS . To do this, you need to follow several steps:

  • go to the settings menu located on the main tab of your phone;
  • select the item "Cellular";
  • if in the future you did not see the item "Cellular network", then this indicates that a particular smartphone is blocked.

The second way is to check the status through another SIM operator

This method is as simple as the previous one. To check the phone lock, use our instructions:

  • turn off the phone;
  • use the key that comes with the device to open the SIM card slot ;
  • after pulling out the tray, gently help to pull it out completely and remove the SIM card;
  • insert another operator on the card and close the slot;
  • turn on the phone and, if necessary, enter the password;
  • if the device asks for an "activation code" or "SIM unlock code", then the phone is locked by the operator.

The third way is to check the status via IMEI

This method of verification will take some time, since it is possible to obtain the necessary information through the Unlock.Company online service . To do this, do the following:

  • first of all, you need to find out the IMEI number in one of the ways given below :

1-through the " Settings " tab in the section of basic information about the device;

2- by dialing a combination on the phone * # 06 # ;

3-in case the "White background" hangs when activating the phone, then you will need to do the following: lock the phone, unlock it again and a greeting will appear on the screen in all languages, press the letter " i " at the bottom of the screen;

  • then enter the IMEI number on the Unlock.Company online service page in the appropriate section ;
  • and finally, find out if your phone is locked or not.

IPhone Unlock Methods

Everyone can face iPhone lock . Even the password entered several times is not correct, it will block your gadget. Below are some of the options you can use to unlock your iPhone .

The first way is to unblock it via iTunes

This method involves unlocking the phone through network services or through AT&T free unlocking services after the conclusion of the contract. Next, you can check the device lock status through iTunes . This requires you to connect your phone to your computer system. You will learn about the status by the greeting inscription.

The second method is to unlock or completely reboot the phone through third-party programs

This method is one of the most effective ways, as it copes with a task of any complexity: be it a broken phone or a phone that requires an identifier (sensor or password). To do this, you need to install the necessary program on your computer and follow the steps indicated by it. In case of difficulties, you can always turn to the professionals from Unlock.Company for help .

  • 21.12.2020

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